Verification Letter

Hi Parents!  You probably received a letter within the last week or so and may have some questions.  MPS will implement an online registration for the 2017-2018 term.  To make sure they have correct data, the office is asking that you bring ORIGINAL copies of address verification.  They will make copies and return the originals to you.  This can be done by letting your child bring the paperwork, but the preferred method would be to have the student's responsible guardian bring it in to Mr Randle at the front office. 

The Forms of Acceptable Proof of Residence are:

  • Utility Bill or Deposit Receipts for electric or gas services only. (Must be current - within 30 days - for electric or gas service.)
  • Apartment or Home Lease/Mortgage (a. Apartment/Home Lease - Official Document - only to be used if all utilities are included; b. Monthly Mortgage Statement - must be current - within 30 days.)
  • Property Tax Records or Deeds - Tax Receipt, Property Deed - (Please blacken out any personal financial information.)
  • Income Tax Records - Copy of Check from the IRS, Correspondence from the IRS
  • Social Security Checks or other correspondence from Social Security Office
  • Correspondence from other U.S. Government agencies - (Dept of Human Resources, Food Stamp Office)
  • Employment Records - Paycheck Stub issued from employer showing physical address of employee within the last 30 days

Please take any TWO forms to the office for your child's records.  If they are any other questions, please contact Mr Randle in the front office.  He's happy to help!