WSFA Starting Off Strong in 1st Grade at DES


The first year of school for kids is very important. It's a crucial time in their life where an educator can really make a difference, and that's why Kim Golson from Dalraida Elementary decided to become a teacher!

"I decided to become a teacher later on in life, and I wanted to make a difference," Golson admitted. "I was given first grade right off the bat, and this is a good grade I think to make a difference with."

After teaching youngsters for 15 years, Mrs. Golson has learned a thing or two from her students.

"They are always up...if you are having a bad day, they are not. So they are ready to go and they look at you. They have taught me to look at the glass half full instead of half empty."

If there is one thing a teacher can do to expedite the process of learning, it's finding a way to make studying the material fun for the kids; Mrs. Golson has found a way to do that and infuse her competitive nature into the process.

"If I start you here and I'm trying to get you here," Golson said, "I am really competitive because I want you to get here."

Not only does it help her students get to the next level faster, it's also teaching them other qualities like compassion and empathy for others.

"I have also seen that (being competitive) instills empathy" the teacher said. "If someone doesn't get it, they will say "oh, you will get it next time!" so I think that will carry over with them as they get older, I hope."

Congratulations, Mrs. Golson. You're this week's Class Act.

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